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Protomatics, Inc. is a privately held company based in San Diego, California. The company offers products and solutions that speed up the development of software message parsers. Protomatics customers include leaders in the telecommunications, computer networking, and defense industries.

Protomatics is uniquely positioned. The company's flagship product, TSN.1 Compiler (Pat. 7,818,732), auto-generates message parsers for a large class of messages that cannot be automated using ASN.1. These messages can be either standards based or proprietary. Message parsing is one of the most common problems in the communication industry. Using Protomatics tools to automate the solution significantly reduces your development time and costs while creating code that are easy to extend and maintain.

Featured Customers

AirHop Communications Alstom AT&T
FDJ Hughes Network Systesm Infinium Capital Management
Intel Corporation Keysight Qualcomm
Octasic Praxis Engineering QRC Technologies
Silicon Image Toshiba Zeta Associates

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Phone: 1-858-876-2346
General Information: info@protomatics.com
Product Licensing: sales@protomatics.com
Technical Support: support@protomatics.com

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Protomatics, Inc.
3525 Del Mar Heights Road #618
San Diego, CA 92130