Standard Solutions

Protomatics provides standards based reference message parsing solutions for many of the widely deployed international standands. These are TSN.1 message definition files Protomatics has created from the standard documents. You can use them as the baseline of your development. Together with the TSN.1 Development Tools, these solutions are designed to further jump-start your project.

Solution Catalog


The GSM/UMTS/LTE solution provides message definitions for the various 3GPP standards including TS 04.08, TS 04.60, TS 24.008, TS 24.301, TS 25.331, TS 44.018, TS 44.060, and TS 36.331.


The WiMAX solution provides message definitions for the MAC management messages of the IEEE 802.16-2009 standard including all TLVs.

CDMA2000 1X

The CDMA2000 1X solution provides message definitions for the Signaling Layer (Layer 3) messages including protocol revisions from IS-95 to IS-2000 Release 0 and Release A.

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO

The CDMA2000 1xEV-DO solution provides message definitions for the protocol air interface messages of the IS-856 standard, Release 0, Release A, and Release B.

What You Can Do

Generate message parsers in C/C++/Java TSN.1 Compiler
Generate Wireshark dissectors TSN.1 Compiler
Implement Java based custom message diagnostic/analysis tools TSN.1 Compiler/TSN.1 Server
Create test vectors TSN.1 Editor
Decode and diagnose message raw data TSN.1 Editor