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The TSN.1 Compiler (Pat. 7,818,732) takes TSN.1 specifications as input and produces C/C++/Java/Python/Wireshark/XML Schema/JSON Schema code as output. The Compiler also comes with the TSN.1 Compiler Runtime Library, which implements the common message operations such as pack, unpack, print, etc. The generated files, when compiled and linked with the Runtime Library, provide the complete solution for working with the TSN.1 messages. The C/C++ code generation is illustrated below:

TSN.1 Compiler Overview


The usage of the TSN.1 Compiler and its Runtime Library API is documented in the TSN.1 Compiler User's Manual and the syntax and semantics of TSN.1 is described in the TSN.1 Specification.


The TSN.1 Compiler comes in two editions: Wireshark, and Professional. The feature matrix below shows the difference among the editions.

Feature Wireshark Professional
Generate Wireshark dissectors
Generate C code
Generate C++ code
Generate C/C++ packed structs
Generate Java code
Generate Python code
Generate XML Schema
Generate JSON Schema